Most think of “midlife” as being over 50, but in reality, the early midlife years begin when you’re in your late 30s or early 40s.

The modern midlife woman is no longer the frumpy, out-of-touch, mom-jean wearing of your youth (or imagination!).  The modern midlife woman is running marathons, managing companies, and traveling the world while juggling her family and personal life.

But, if you’re anything like her, you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and starting to feel unsettled.

You’ve worked hard and created a good life, but something is keeping you up at night…

You’re grateful for everything you have, but something feels missing…

You’re bored and every day has become a mind-numbing routine, but you don’t know how you got to this place. You’ve followed the right path (for the most part!), you made the right choices (on most days!), and you have a life that, on the outside, is ideal.

But, you’ve reached a point where you crave more…

You’re a smart lady, and you get things done, so you can’t understand why you feel so stuck and helpless.

Welcome to your midlife transition!


Here’s the thing about “midlife”:  the year you were born has nothing to do with it!  

“Midlife” kicks in when you wake up one day with the shocking realization that you’re not young anymore.   

You’re not old, but you’re not young. 

When you’re young, you put a lot of dreams and desires on hold until “someday.”  When you reach the beginning of the midlife transition, you realize “someday” is never going to arrive unless you stop putting off the things you long to do.

Midlife is when you realize that it’s time to create a life of limited regrets and limitless possibilities.



The Midlife Woman’s Manifesto is an workbook I created to help women navigate this midlife transition.

When you open up to the process of rediscovering yourself and redefining your life, you transition into the woman you’re supposed to be, while living the life you’re supposed to live.

But, to get to this place, you have to come to terms with your Midlife Crisis (yes, women have them too!), slog through your Midlife Muck, to hit paydirt with your Midlife Awakening (pssst...I discuss all three of these phases in the Manifesto!).

By the time you finish reading the Manifesto, and working through the prompts, you know what’s happening, understand you’re not alone and feel empowered and confident to do something about it.

Knowledge is power, and that’s what the Midlife Woman’s Manifesto is all about - to give you back your power.


By downloading this Manifesto, you’ll get:

  • 59 pages of insight and guidance on the three phases of the midlife transition, the midlife happiness dip, creating your support team, and what to do next

  • Reflection questions to uncover your own story and figure how what you’re craving more of, so you can take some much-needed action

  • A series of intro emails to walk you through the Manifesto to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Membership in my exclusive Insiders email list where you’ll receive weekly emails to continue your exploration towards your Midlife Awakening and creating a life you love

Ready to discover where you are in your transition so you can rewrite how it unfolds?

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When I downloaded the Midlife Woman’s Manifesto, I was at a confused state in my life, so the advice sounded like the right thing for me. I was really amazed at how insightful the book was! It was full of ideas and insights that I had never thought of before and I’ve already taken Vicky’s advice and tried to incorporate it into my life.
Before reading the Midlife Woman’s Manifesto, I was feeling stuck and unsatisfied with my life (it looks great on the outside, but it doesn’t feel great). I related with so much of what was in the manifesto! Because of reading this, I know I’m not having a mental breakdown. I’m willing to make changes and move forward!


One of the things I hear women express the most in the early stages of their midlife transition is that they want things to change.  But, they question if it’s too late in life, or if others will laugh at them for switching gears at this stage.

Here are a few women that changed courses and followed their dreams after turning 40...

  • Joy Behar was a high school English teacher until she launched her show business career in her 40s.

  • Vera Wang traded in her career as a fashion editor to become a wedding dress designer after getting married at age 40.

  • Martha Stewart hit success at 41 with the publication of her book Entertaining after running her own catering firm and working on Wall Street.

  • Robin Chase, the founder and CEO of Zipcar, was taking time off to be with her kids when she birthed the idea of Zipcar with a friend, well after turning 40.

  • Julia Child published her first cookbook when she was 39 and made her television debut with her own show at 51.

Are you laughing at these ladies?  Do you think they were crazy for following their heart?

Or, do you admire their courage?

This could, grab your copy of the Midlife Woman’s Manifesto and start the process of rewriting your legacy.

Vicky is the perfect combination of gentle guide, compassionate coach, and "I've been there, you can do this" confidant. Watching her navigate her Midlife Awakening with such courage, grace and embracing of the unknown has been incredibly inspiring. If you need a steady hand to help you sort out the next step of your journey -- I highly recommend working with Vicky.


I'm Vicky and having gone through my own midlife transition, I understand the confusion and frustration with feeling stuck in a "good" life. I discovered that for most of my adult life, I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted, but I didn't because I was still getting to know me.  That's why the life I had created for myself didn't quite fit the woman I discovered myself to be!

I believe our 40s is the one of the best decades of our lives!  We finally get to release expectations, drop the 'shoulds', and step into the woman and the life we're craving.  It's a time of self-exploration and freedom, and my job is to help you walk that path with grace, curiosity, and confidence.

Vicky has a vested interest in seeing women succeed. She devotes her time, energy, and talents to pushing women forward. She’s very encouraging - whenever I need a kind word, she provides a kind, but balanced view. She’s also great cheerleader and knows how to inspire people. I’d recommend anyone to work with Vicky because she sees things through and will stick with them until they get where they want to go. She also leads by example. I’m in awe of Vicky’s ability to try new things to make herself and her life better and more meaningful. She perseveres, even when the path changes or doesn’t look the same, she still pushes forward. That takes bravery, which is something a lot of use lose when we grow older.