want to stick with your goals and not squander your time on other things that tend to suck away your time?


Sounds like you need an Accountability Partner!

Moxie Girl Tribe members that are also members of the Moxie Girl Facebook group have the perk of being matched up with an Accountability Partner, if they so desire.  Your partner will help you stick with your goals and you will help your partner stick with theirs!  All while getting to know each other and enjoying having your own personal cheerleader!

Pretty cool, right?!


In case you're wondering what an Accountability Partner is, it's essentially someone you pair up with to keep each other on track with goals and objectives.  You typically meet up (which could simply be an email) where you share your goals or objectives and what you plan to have done by when.  Then you cheer each other on, check in with each other, and by a designated date, you report back on how you've done.  

The goal isn't to chastise each other for not getting things done (unless you specifically want that!), but it's to have that extra bit of accountability so you don't slack off on the things you want to get done (I'm looking at you, Pinterest!...and Facebook!).

Having an Accountability Partner can be an amazing tool to stick to your goals and make things happen!


If you are interested in having an Accountability Partner, join the Moxie Girls, then join the Facebook group.  From there, you can sign up for the next round of assignments.  Partners are matched up on the first of each month!