The Midlife Woman’s Manifesto is an workbook I created to help women navigate this midlife transition.

When you open up to the process of rediscovering yourself and redefining your life, you transition into the woman you’re supposed to be, while living the life you’re supposed to live.

But, to get to this place, you have to come to terms with your Midlife Crisis (yes, women have them too!), slog through your Midlife Muck, to hit paydirt with your Midlife Awakening (pssst...I discuss all three of these phases in the Manifesto!).

By the time you finish reading the Manifesto, and working through the prompts, you know what’s happening, understand you’re not alone and feel empowered and confident to do something about it.


By snagging the Manifesto, you’ll gain access to my Midlife Awakened Woman Facebook group to connect with other women on this journey! Join the discussions, share your takeaways, and ask questions! We not only discuss the Manifesto, but all things related to being a woman over 40!

When I downloaded the Midlife Woman’s Manifesto, I was at a confused state in my life, so it advice sounded like the right thing for me. I was really amazed at how insightful the book was! It was full of ideas and insights that I had never thought of before and I’ve already taken Vicky’s advice and tried to incorporate it into my life.

I'm Vicky and having gone through my own midlife transition, I understand the confusion and frustration with feeling stuck in a "good" life. I discovered that for most of my adult life, I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted, but I didn't because I was still getting to know me.  That's why the life I had created for myself didn't quite fit the woman I discovered myself to be!

I believe our 40s is the one of the best decades of our lives!  We finally get to release expectations, drop the 'shoulds', and step into the woman and the life we're craving.  It's a time of self-exploration and freedom, and my job is to help you walk that path with grace, curiosity, and confidence.

Vicky is the perfect combination of gentle guide, compassionate coach, and "I've been there, you can do this" confidant. Watching her navigate her Midlife Awakening with such courage, grace and embracing of the unknown has been incredibly inspiring. If you need a steady hand to help you sort out the next step of your journey -- I highly recommend working with Vicky.