50 Rut Busters
Pick from FIFTY ideas to shake things up, get off the hamster wheel, and start experiencing your life!
With this guide you'll...
  • Feel more energized by doing things a little differently, every day
  • Boost your confidence by trying new things, even when you're scared
  • Expose yourself to new adventures so you can start experiencing life, not simply enduring it
In addition to grabbing this guide, I'll also keep you in the loop with other valuable tips on how to get unstuck, find your purpose, and design a life you love!

I'm Vicky and as a fellow Rut Buster, I love to mix it up, shake it up, and try new things as often as possible!  Life is meant to be lived, not endured.  When I feel myself getting slipping into auto-pilot, I know it's time to stretch my muscles, step out of my comfort zone, and bust through my rut!

I haven't always been this way...I was caught on the hamster wheel of going to work - running errands - doing chores - and crawling into bed, mentally and physically, exhausted.  I finally got sick of the routine and the boredom and committed to doing something about it.  By breaking out of my daily routines, I hopped into the driver's seat of my life and took control of my journey.