Let's face it: being over 40 isn't easy...

If you’re like most women in this stage of life, you’re caught on a hamster wheel trying to keep up with the never-ending daily commitments, so you’re not looking at life with this perspective.

Instead of feeling renewed, invigorated, and excited, you feel exhausted, bored, unfulfilled, and stuck in a rut.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

I believe it’s the time to shed the expectations of others, sink into your deepest desires, and awaken to a new reality that paves the way for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

My mission is to empower women to change their lives.  But, not just any woman! Around here, I focus on inspiring, encouraging, and supporting women over 40 who are ready for a Midlife Awakening.

A woman over 40 who has designed her life to be purposeful, adventurous, and deeply connected with herself and others. She sets boundaries, follows her curiosity, prioritizes her wellbeing, and maximizes her unique gifts.

Welcome to Your Midlife Transition 

The path to creating a wind-in-your-hair, lit-from-within, heart-filled-connections life starts here…

Through my own experiences, and in my work with women over 40, I’ve discovered three distinct phases you’ll travel through during the midlife transition: the midlife crisis, the midlife muck, and the midlife awakening.



The wakeup call...

A woman’s midlife crisis doesn’t look like a man’s midlife crisis. If you’re like most women, you’re not looking to reclaim your youth, you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, where you are right now.

Common feelings/thoughts:

  • I feel trapped in my life

  • I feel disconnected from my friends/partner

  • I need something else in my life, but what?

  • Is this all there is to life?


The self-work period...

After the wakeup call, you feel inspired to take action. The muck phase is where you do the work to change what’s not working, rediscover who you are, and implement new strategies to design a life that feels good.

Common feelings/thoughts:

  • I feel selfish taking time for myself

  • I feel guilty for focusing on my needs

  • I’m afraid to change anything - what if I make a mistake?

  • I’m afraid to start over


The new beginning...

After doing the work in the muck, you awaken to a new version of yourself and a life that excites you and fits who you are right now. You have a toolkit for dealing with setbacks and you love the woman you’ve become.

Common feelings/thoughts:

  • I feel alive

  • I’m deeply connected to myself & my loved ones

  • I feel & less stressed

  • I’m energized by the work I do

The Chief Desires & Internal Threads



As a woman over 40, there are likely a number of things you’re craving more of in your life:  sleep, good chocolate, a relaxing massage, etc.

But, based on numerous conversations with midlife women, I spotted a trend:
Women over 40 are deeply craving more purpose (i.e., more meaning in your life), stronger ties with friends and loved ones (i.e., connection), and having more fun (i.e., adventure).

I call these three cravings your CHIEF DESIRES.  

When you get crystal clear on how the chief desires look for you, and you maximize your energy towards these areas, you open the door to your Midlife Awakening by allowing them to thrive in your life.


When you work through the Muck to eliminate what’s not working and to see the possibilities for your life through a new perspective (to maximize those chief desires!), you have to start on the inside.

For many women, self-doubt, guilt, comparison, and too many inner critic voices drown out your ability to make the changes you crave. These tendencies keep you stuck and in your comfort zone, but that’s not where you’ll find what you want for your life.

I call these sneaky, but powerful, inner dynamics, INTERNAL THREADS.

The Internal Threads are what ties everything together and create a strong safety net in times of stress or challenges. But, as with anything, when things are off kilter, these threads are the knots that prevent you from moving forward smoothly or may block you entirely.

By doing the inner work, you unravel the knots and weave these threads into thick ropes that make you stronger and more resilient.

you’re invited!

Want to learn more about navigating the 3 phases of the Midlife Transition + maximizing your Chief Desires + strengthening your Internal Threads?

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Every other week, I host the Shut the Muck Up! LIVE talks in my Facebook Group - the Midlife Awakened Woman.  

In these talks, I teach on topics that will keep you moving through the transition and not get stuck in the Muck!

You’re invited to join the the button below to request access to the group!

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What I love about working with Vicky is her ability to listen. She hears what I’m conveying even when the words aren’t matching my intentions. She challenges my thought process in a nurturing and supportive way and brings a fresh perspective to any given situation so that I can see situations from all angles and come to the best decision for me. She has a strong sense of integrity that makes her trustworthy, and I appreciate her common sense logic.

Hi! I'm Vicky...

I’m a transformation coach and life strategist for high-achieving women over 40 looking for a Midlife Awakening.  I help them find what’s missing so they can design a light-my-soul-on-fire life to climb out of the rut they’ve “goaled” themselves into over the years.

I’ve designed Midlife Awakening framework and process to tackle the resistance that comes from the realization that your carefully curated life is no longer enough (and the inevitable guilt that comes along with that!).

The midlife transition from Crisis to Awakening is about learning that your life is worth the time, energy, and effort to figure out what’s not working so you give yourself permission to live it differently.  

I understand the frustration, and the sense of helplessness that comes when feeling lost in the only world you know; how it feels when you know you’re meant for something greater, but have no idea what that is. 


I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you find your path, discover what your soul is craving, and rediscover yourself.  

I want to help you find this because I believe every woman deserves to step into herself and awaken to a life she deeply loves.



The Midlife Awakened Woman Facebook Group

Since forming new connections is such a strong desire for many women, I’ve created an online community (i.e., a private Facebook Group) where midlife women (close to, or over 40!) can come together to share in their experiences of this transition.

Perks of being a member of The Midlife Awakened Woman:

  • Opportunity to connect with other women in a similar phase of life (i.e., people that get you!)

  • Biweekly Shut the Muck Up live talks*

  • Occasional worksheets or tools to help you with your transition

  • Early access to new programs or working with me (although, those on my email list get the very first dibs!)

*What’s the Shut the Muck Up live talks??

To foster conversations on these topics, each month, I host live talks in the group - the Shut the Muck Up series! - to teach you how to unravel your tangled Internal Threads and learn to maximize your chief desires.  The goal of these talks is to help ensure you don’t get stuck in the Muck!

To see examples of the previous topics in the Shut the Muck series, check out the Monthly Themes resource page!

Vicky is the perfect combination of gentle guide, compassionate coach, and "I've been there, you can do this" confidant. Watching her navigate her Midlife Awakening with such courage, grace and embracing of the unknown has been incredibly inspiring. If you need a steady hand to help you sort out the next step of your journey -- I highly recommend working with Vicky.