You're not living the life you thought you would

You feel unfulfilled
You feel lost
You feel stuck
You routinely ask yourself: "Is this it?"


I help women CREATE the life they crave...

I work with women who are navigating the transition through the midlife years.  While men get all the glory of experiencing a midlife crisis, make no mistake…women go through a midlife crisis too.

But, unlike men, women come alive during this phase of their lives.

We’re not trying to hang onto our youth by pretending we’re not getting older.  We blossom into powerful, self-assured women that embrace our age and ourselves. 

We stop living according to other people’s expectations and we start defining our lives by our needs and desires.

I don't call this a crisis. I call it the Midlife Awakening.

I help women wake up to a new and improved version of themselves (no plastic surgeon required!).

This is your life. Aren't you ready to start living it?