Get ready to discover what’s missing and reinvent your life


You’re frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed. You’ve worked your ass off to get where you are, but, something’s not right. Instead of feeling accomplished and proud, you feel bored, empty, and disappointed.  

You have a good life, but it’s not fulfilling and you’re starting to feeling hopeless that life will ever feel exciting again.

This isn’t how it was supposed to be!

You’re grateful for everything you have, but you feel guilty as hell because it’s not making you happy.  When lying awake in the middle of the night (again!) you can’t help but wonder what happened.  

Where did you go so far off course that you don’t even recognize the life you’re living?  

You feel stuck and you have no idea how to fix it (and you’re the fix-it queen!).

You know something needs to change - you can’t live the rest of life like this.

But you’re afraid it’s too late.  

You have too many responsibilities; you feel too old; you think others will think you’re crazy.  You’re afraid you don’t have time to figure out all of the answers and make the necessary changes...etc. etc. etc.

So, you keep doing what you’re doing while telling yourself to stop complaining and be grateful for what you have. But, every day, you go to bed dreading the next day.

You know there’s more to life than this and that you are meant for something else. You’re sick of just skimming the surface.  You want to dive deep into life and feel alive again.  

You want to figure out what’s missing so you can fall in love with your life.


Maybe you're ready to go all in and get to work on reinventing your life, or time is precious so you need something a little quicker.  Perhaps you'd rather start with something you can do on your own.

I've got you covered! If you're ready to do the work, there are currently three ways to work with me...

deep dive

Deep Dive 1:1

Find Your Missing Piece is my signature intensive 1:1 program where we work together to find what’s missing in your life.
Fast Action

Fast Action 1:1

Find Your Edge is my targeted mini program where we work together 1:1 so you learn to invite adventure into your life.

Self Guided

Self-Love + Moxie is my self-guided program designed to teach you how to fall in love with yourself and your life.


90 minutes to clarity, confidence, and courage!

Enlighten is a 90-minute, 1:1 strategy call with me where we focus on a specific area of your life that needs a little attention and TLC.  

You walk away with more clarity, confidence, courage, and energy.  In other words, you become Enlightened with new ideas and motivation.

Each month, I open my calendar to only 6 spots...first come, first serve!


Bye Bye Blocks!


Working with Vicky has been a true pleasure.  As I'm starting my business, she has helped me unblock barriers that are holding me back.  She quickly pinpoints the core of a situation and does not fail to leave me with a helpful understanding or a question to consider.  I'm finding that my blocks are, little by little, going away.

-Judy, Connecticut


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Grab Your Rut Busters!

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I'm Vicky...40+ Gen X’er who rejected the status quo BS and reinvented life on my own terms.

I'm on a mission to find the best cup of coffee in New England since coffee is my life.  But, more importantly, my objective is to retire early, travel the world, and help other women do the same thing: make their heart’s desires a reality.

I work with high-achieving Gen X women who have hit their limits on dealing with the bullshit in their lives and know something has to change. I speak their language because I‘m that woman!

I know the boredom, the frustration, and the disappointment in realizing the life I’ve created for myself didn’t quite fit anymore.  So, I made it my mission to figure it out and, now, I’m pushing my passion forward with a coaching practice designed to help other women on a similar journey.  

To reinvent my world and become the CEO of my life, I didn’t need a major overhaul.  But, I had to get honest with myself on what was dragging me down and be brave enough to let those things go.  I had to find the courage to try a LOT of new things and get comfortable being uncomfortable.  

It wasn’t easy, but it was do-able. It was only then that I could release what was suffocating me and find the freedom to create the adventure of discovering all the things I wanted to know.

Now...I want to help you do the same thing!