As a woman over 40, life is changing whether you want it to or not, and the life you’ve always known feels like it doesn’t fit anymore.
“How did I get here?”…“Who am I now?”

Maybe your marriage fell apart, or you lost your job, or your kids have moved out.

Or, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, and you just can’t shake the feeling that the way you’ve been living your life up until now is not how you want to live it going forward.

Something needs to change, and you’re left wide awake at night thinking…

“What do I do next?”

You don’t recognize yourself anymore, but you’re sensing a deeper desire for more fulfillment and meaning; deeper and stronger connections with others; and to let your hair down and have some fun!

It’s time to focus on YOU!

Let’s get you out of the fog so that you can see new opportunities.

Let’s quiet those Inner Critics, so they stop calling the shots and get you back in the driver’s seat.

Let’s create some space within yourself so you can reconnect with your TRUE SELF and awaken to a new reality.

let’s turn this midlife crisis into a midlife awakening!

I want to help you get off the hamster wheel and reconnect with your true self so that you can feel fulfilled, alive, and 100% totally YOU! Here’s how we can work together…


Moxify your Midlife gets you out of the fog.

After 3 months, you see new opportunities and have an action plan in place to start chasing those options.

This is for you if…
  • You want weekly lessons on specific topics
  • You enjoy a structured format
  • You want to connect with others in a similar place
  • You need the accountability a group can provide
  • You thrive in a group setting

Moxify your Midlife will open for registration in September!


Personal coaching shifts you into a new reality.

Working one-on-one allows me to personalize your sessions and tackle your specific challenges.

This is for you if…
  • You want personal attention from me
  • You want to be met right where you are
  • You’re ready to dig deep into what’s not working
  • You’re open to exploring new ideas & mindsets
  • You thrive in an individual setting

I'm currently accepting limited applications to work together.
Packages start at $1,197 and require a 3-month minimum commitment
When I first started working with Vicky, I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I didn't feel inspired, or creative. I felt LOST. Something was missing - I needed to find my purpose in life, have more fun, and learn to simply enjoy the moment. Working with Vicky allowed me to change my perspective on my life and discover who I am now. I’ve learned to create a new reality. My life is now full of color. Because of my work with Vicky, I found myself and started living again.

Hi there!

I’m Vicky Cook, and I know what it’s like to tell my husband that I want a divorce (and what it’s like to reenter the dating world in my 40s!).  I know what it feels like to put a mask on every single morning before walking into work.  I know the helplessness that comes from feeling stuck in a life that no longer fits and having no idea what to do to “fix” everything.

I also know the peace that comes with spending time on what feels deeply meaningful to me. I know the strength that comes from setting boundaries around my needs, goals, and desires.  I know the thrill that comes with discovering something new about myself (especially when it leads me to take bigger steps!). I know the pride that comes with facing a fear.

As a transition coach for women over 40, I help you see yourself and your life through a new perspective so that you can learn what’s missing, get unstuck, and come home to your true self.
If I can do, you can do it, and I can show you how!
What I love about working with Vicky is her ability to listen. She hears what I’m conveying even when the words aren’t matching my intentions. She challenges my thought process in a nurturing and supportive way and brings a fresh perspective to any given situation so that I can see situations from all angles and come to the best decision for me. She has a strong sense of integrity that makes her trustworthy, and I appreciate her common sense logic.