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Feeling like you need to make some changes in your life, but have no idea where to start?

(or you're too afraid to try to figure it out?)
The women I feel called to work with are high-achieving Gen X women that are ready for success outside of the corporate walls.  They feel restless and unfulfilled.


Maybe this is you...

You're a go-getter, a goal setter, and you make sh*t happen.  You don't like settling and you don't want to waste your time doing anything that isn't meaningful.

But, lately, as you've settled into your 40s, something feels off.  A seed of discontent has started to bloom within your heart.  You have everything you set out for in life, but it's no longer enough.

For the first time, you aren't looking to your career for your purpose.

You need more...you crave more.

More purpose...more passion...more connections with loved ones and friends...more adventure.

It's like you've started outgrowing parts of your life and you have this burning need to figure out who you really are and what you’re doing with your life.

I get it...I've been there.

 I understand the feelings of confusion, despair, overwhelm, frustration, being lost, restlessness, fear, doubt, uncertainty, and hopelessness, etc.  You're not happy with your life right now, you want to make changes, but you feel stuck.

It sucks being in this place and feeling these feelings.

You feel your motivation kicking in, yet you don't know where to direct it, so you just go in circles. 

Are you ready to stop the madness, get some clarity, and start making the changes that will get you the life you are craving?

That feeling in the pit of your stomach,  or deep within your bones, that's telling you something has to change...that's your Inner Wisdom trying desperately to get your attention.  She's trying to tell you that its time to shake things up in order to get your life on the path you desire and to become the woman you are craving to be.

Don't ignore that voice!

I can help you start this journey.  



A MINI 1:1 PROGRAM TO HELP YOU add adventure to your life

You're in a rut.  Every day, every week, every month, and every year are starting to look exactly the same.

You need something to look forward to and a way to add in a little fun and adventure to your life.

But, what does that mean?  What would that look like? And more importantly, how will I find the time?

In this mini 1:1 program, you'll get clarity around what adventure means to you and how to start adding it into your life.

Isn't it time to feel excited about life again?


You like your life...you're not unhappy.  But, you're not fulfilled.

You're good at your job and maybe it used to fill you up and give you meaning, it's just not enough anymore.

Maybe you need a passion project, or perhaps you need a full reboot.  It's up to you and you hold the keys.

In this mini 1:1 program you'll get clarity around what you need to bring into your life to feel that fulfillment and start a plan to make that happen.

Isn't it time you felt like your days mattered, again?


awaken to a life of purpose, adventure, and love

You're a high-achieving Gen X woman that has climbed the corporate ladder and achieved every goal you've set for yourself.

You're proud of your accomplishments, but secretly, you know it's no longer enough.You're bored, restless, and unfulfilled and you crave more.

You need more purpose in your life, you want deeper connections with loved ones and friends, and you would love a little adventure.

It's time to awaken to the life you crave... 


Our energy determines how we show up in the world. Our attitude and how we perceive the world around us shapes our energy.

In any given moment, different levels of energy are flowing through our bodies and we have the power to control it.

In order to harness it, you have to understand it.  By taking the Energy Leadership Assessment, you learn your levels of energy and what to do about it.

Be the leader in your own life...



(without and ounce of guilt!)

As women, the idea of openly loving ourselves and taking care of our own needs isn’t one that is applauded.  We fear being seen as selfish or vain.

The truth is, we’ve never been taught how to make ourselves a priority.

How can we beat ourselves up or expect to change this when we simply don’t know how to do that?

In this 4 week small group program, you learn just that...how to fall in love with yourself.

No excuses, no apologies, and no guilt.